No one told me that it isn't the heart that's the problem. It's that my lungs are filled with concrete and I can't breathe without you. It's that I feel so concave, suddenly. There is nothing housed within my ribcage and any moment now, I will collapse inward. It's that there is this burning in… Continue reading Untitled


A Reflection: What I’ve Learned in 3 Years

I try to draw a connection between the feelings of love and drowning, and all I recall is a whisper of a memory. My body still remembers fragmented pieces of pain, echoes from a love that hurt for its entire duration. Three years later, I realize what I felt was not worthy to be called love.… Continue reading A Reflection: What I’ve Learned in 3 Years

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The Fault Line

Don't make mountains of molehills, they say, without helping you decipher between the two. Your sleep is chased away by the ghosts that haunt you in every disastrous lie every boy in your life has told you. The lies reverberate in the type of clarity only hindsight can afford --a record skipping with wild abandon. It… Continue reading The Fault Line


My Friend

There’s a whisper at the door. Angels have feasted on my new friend, on her hair, turned it golden, and made it glow. Demons leak through the creaking floorboards and watch us carefully. They bow over and attach themselves to her feet, slowing her rhythm until she cannot remember the last time her heart beat.… Continue reading My Friend