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Unfinished Posts from the Past Year

A timeline of inner feelings. Kind of. September 5, 2016: "I want to be inside you," he texted me. I had never even met this man, and he did not realize he already was inside me - just not the way he was hoping for. He had so much more. His voice curled up in my… Continue reading Unfinished Posts from the Past Year


I keep thinking of drowning and love and how they feel kind of similar. They suspend you, weightless, and everything about it is pain. But really, drowning. Is it the worst way to die? It's suffocation, but more violent. The oxygen isn't there. It isn't being taken away. It's replaced by something we can't live with. It's… Continue reading


My Friend

There’s a whisper at the door. Angels have feasted on my new friend, on her hair, turned it golden, and made it glow. Demons leak through the creaking floorboards and watch us carefully. They bow over and attach themselves to her feet, slowing her rhythm until she cannot remember the last time her heart beat.… Continue reading My Friend


Let Me In?

I stand at your gates and look up to the sky; It's dark where I stand, and I'm not sure why. My head is spinning, because I want to scream At the way you hide away, lost in your dreams. I'm on my knees, ready to plead, But you don't know what I need. You… Continue reading Let Me In?


If You Could See Me

Sometimes I have a dream That you look into my soul And see nothing but a hole; Desperately I want to scream. You look at me, lacking control Because your baby disappeared; It was the one thing I feared: Realization of what they stole. The black hole in me leered, A gaping chasm in my… Continue reading If You Could See Me


Winter’s Darkness

In this grey cold, A lonely heart bleats. Shiver, controlled, What rush retreats; Frozen air has cajoled and plunged heart beats. An endeavor of old; Winter's mistake repeats. Love shaded pale gold Like a ghost, faded. Skip the blasted grey; hold to the blue-tinged streets.


You Might Think This Is For You. You’d Be Right.

I wish to see your world of grey And paint it with colors. Flecks of gold favor your lips: Spare your wordplay And best vocabulary for truth. Midnight's blues eclipse Your eyes; shards of flowered purples firmly anchored. Work is undone; The sun sets Our quiet world ablaze, And suddenly it becomes Fiery embers of… Continue reading You Might Think This Is For You. You’d Be Right.