If You Could See Me

Sometimes I have a dream
That you look into my soul
And see nothing but a hole;
Desperately I want to scream.

You look at me, lacking control
Because your baby disappeared;
It was the one thing I feared:
Realization of what they stole.

The black hole in me leered,
A gaping chasm in my heart;
Spreading, it’s poison from a dart
That cannot be revered.

Oh, dear, what a look on your face;
A shattered soul met without grace.


2 thoughts on “If You Could See Me”

  1. And in lieu of me being really bad at coming up with empathetic things to say, I’m going to write you a poem instead. I’m sorry if it isn’t as comforting as I meant it to be. >.<

    Chosen Girl
    Sights seen, sounds drifting and words spoken
    Sadness welling and beating behind your grin
    A pit growing and seething at the thought of kin
    I leave with you these words as a lasting token.

    You are unique and wonderful, a stellar rarity within
    A beautiful creation of the earth and mind
    Breathing life in to words and heart in to rhymes
    You matter no matter from where you begin.

    No matter the time or in what bind
    Know that you are wanted and cherished
    Push forward to tomorrow for what you wished
    Stay strong and remain forever kind.

    Calm your thoughts and open your eyes
    Share your soul and let your smile arise.

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