I Had A Friend

I had a friend who listened to me; she listened so much that she didn’t hear me ask about herself. She kept her arms and ears open, but not to the extent to which I could reach out and pull her into myself. I wanted to save her, she only wanted to save me, and […]

I confess: I do not know you anymore. Oh, I think I do. My mind hints at what you would say, or how you would say it. But truth be told, we’re worlds away. And for the most part, that’s fine by me. Of course, I’ve excluded the pangs that wrap around my lungs and squeeze. I […]

Santa Claus

It interests me This concept of Santa Claus Putting children into two categories: Naughty or nice. Never both, or neither; Polar opposites to which we Have to adhere, for fear of An absence of materialistic ideals. Give me coal, Give me saddened hearts and Icy blood, a sick reaction to the Dichotomy by which our […]

Flowery Language

It woos women uses force takes prisoners. It smears itself in cream-colored paint, lies down with sweet-smelling blossoms, and begs to be picked like the roses it sways next to. Unlike roses, this has no thorns, it roosts in a glass vase cultivating its escape wondering when it’ll be needed again. Cream turns to blood, […]