Uninspired Moody Whining

I wish the world was a better place.

I wish people didn’t go hungry; people didn’t fight; people didn’t hate.

I wish the only violence was committed against abstracts,

and people stopped picking on each other,

picking at people like scabs on their knee.

They both bleed, after all.

It’s an easy comparison.

Let’s pick at the abstracts:

Deconstruct what others have laid down before us.

Don’t take for granted the views of our elders; don’t swallow the medicine society puts in our mouths.

What happened to differing opinions?

What happened to being cordial? To being receptive to new theories?

We’ve become computers incapable of accessing the internet.

We’re hardwired with the information we were given;

No more, no less.

I just want change.

I want happiness.

Butterflies and full tummies;

sunshine and eternal warmth

inside and out.


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