“Typical female behavior.” As if this is an insult, as if this was not a product of the patriarchal society we live in. “Typical female behavior.” Such a generalization, but who am I to disagree? “Typical Female Behavior” is a symptom of the world you’ve been living in. “Typical Female Behavior” is an excuse to […]


The spaces between words do not get attention; you only notice whenthey’renotthere. Riding on a train, our eyes glaze over and we are lost in our own worlds. That is where I go in my mind: on the trains stuffed– but not too stuffed– with blank-faced people who do not care that my eyes may […]


I wish I knew what to say, when you give me that smile. Because my thoughts turn bright green and pink Like a ripe watermelon, split open. My personal colors of happiness.   I wish you knew how to react, when my gaze distances itself. Because my thoughts are a riverĀ of muted colors: flesh pink, […]

He said to me,

“I am experimental with music.” We long discussed what we liked and didn’t, what annoyed us and what made us happy, but broaching the subject of music seemed tedious. As I try to think of the adequate way to list the artists and songs I love, to classify them under a phrase or genre, and […]